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Aloha Pilates Studio Mount Gambier
Aloha Pilates Studio Mount Gambier
Aloha Pilates Studio Mount Gambier
Aloha Pilates Studio Mount Gambier



Feel the burn while sculpting, shaping and toning your entire body, while connecting your mind and body, for a stronger you. This class will help you build long lean muscle, muscle endurance with a focus on longer reps and have you leaving the class feeling stronger and energised. We invite all fitness levels to elevate your practice with us.

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Tone and sweat your way through our full body high intensity infused pilates workout. We like to add additional props and weights for an extra challenge. This high energy class will elevate your heart rate and motivate you to push your limits while listening to some of the best bangers. This is a great workout if you want to challenge your strength, endurance and mind. Hustle now to sweat and glow later.

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This pilates reformer flow is designed to strength, lengthen and tone your entire body while also developing your stability. We incorporate low impact exercises that will help you feel stronger and more flexible. Finish the class with some sound healing to restore your nervous system and feeling energised after the class. This class is perfect for everyone, including those who are new to pilates or pre-natal.

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3 classes.

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$35 per class

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10 Classes

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Founder & Instructor

I come from a professional netball background and found the love of pilates five years ago to help me with my netball. I’m passionate about helping others and think everyone can benefit from pilates by making them feel stronger, confident and connect their mind and body.



I come from a professional dancing background and competed at national level. I love the feeling of walking away after a class feeling strong, energised and that I have accomplished a full body workout that is enjoyable. I love teaching people movement and I am super excited to guide clients through their own pilates journey and help people understand themselves and their bodies.


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Sienna Allen


Aloha Pilates Studio